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Whether you’ve just decided to start a business… Or you’ve been working at it for it for sometime..

When it comes to the down to earth approach, authentic way to achieve your business goals I’m here to be on point to empower you in this process (with no fluff attached).

You Need A Coach!

A coach who embraces a value adding, REAL approach to supporting businesses that are always in alignment with lifestyle & values. You should NOT feel ICKY about working your business, at the end of the day it’s your business - it should feel REAL to YOU!

A Coach Who Can Help You:

  • Understand your market

  • Build offers that complement your personality & skill set

  • Attract, keep & have referring clients

A Coach Like Me!

I will help you add service & significance to achieve your desired success whilst embracing creativity, community & connection.

I understand that as women, we are freaking busy - like really freaking BUSY - With that in mind we have a number of connection options - we cater to YOU - online, in person, retreats, networking or workshops !
YOU choose! You know your schedule better than me!

Image of 10 women waving to camera with Sharon Harvey leading a coaching workshop


Working from the comfort and privacy of your own home Sharon’s Space Coaching provides a step by step process that will feel like it’s in person.

We are flexible - We can schedule zoom sessions or simply have a regular “no fuss” phone coaching session. Fancy isn’t always necessary- YOU choose!


Working together one-to-one, Sharon’s Space can help you develop the business you are striving for.

Support and accountability to transform your business and find the lifestyle balance that works for you.


A Weekend Retreat in Tasmania, Australia.

Not only to recharge the batteries, but to supercharge the business batteries.

This is a powerful experience where you’ll rediscover yourself, learn tools and techniques that will help you in many aspects of your business.

Networking with other like minded business owners and creating strategies to move your business to new heights in a Mastermind group setting.

Click here to stay up to date with upcoming events.

Workshops & Summits

Business packages and programmes enable both individuals and teams to find balance & growth for their business and professional success and productivity.

Learning new & improving on existing skills in business in a group environment.

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Our Expertise Includes:

  • Working your small business on a SUPER tight budget

  • Business Facebook Table Talk & Audits - Business FB page, content, mastering your LIVES, scheduling FB posts & much more!

  • Texting Audits - Do you utilise texting as a business strategy?

  • Networking like a PRO - but not a SALES FREAK

  • Creating BLISS in Business & LIFE “blueprint” - Being present with those you love whilst adding adding value & significance in business.

  • Email Audits - Marketing ideas & content planning.

  • Managing a direct sales business and team.

  • Decluttering your business and life to get some TIME back - time, family & business strategies to improve your day to day life.

  • Working From Home & managing it all - Family & friends.

  • Facebook party audit - FB parties are a successful marketing strategy when used correctly

Connect with me to book your complimentary chat to see if we are a match for each other, 15 minutes. SUBJECT: “Connection Chat”.

I was shy too - SCARED & Sweating at my first Networking event!

BUT, they were a GAME changer for me.

"Networking is the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or special interest, usually in an informal social setting. Networking often begins with a single point of common ground."

SOUNDS GREAT doesn't it - well it's not always that simple & there is a bit to it.

I'm a huge advocate of networking & connecting - I've even done a YouTube video on the subject.

One of the biggest successes in building my business was, (& still is), networking, online & in-person. I was scared to death at my first event but it's something I often look back on with a HUGE smile. I met some of the most epic humans & most I'm still connected with to this day !

My advice: Learn to love NETWORKING! It's a marketing strategy that worked & still works TODAY!

If you're new to networking with other business owners, my YouTube video will give you the basic know how to start networking with some confidence.

Where to start, what to say, how to make connections after the initial introduction..... all of these "unknowns" are covered in the video & in my Networking Coaching session (ask me if you'd like a 15minute Complimentary Networking Chat).

PLUS the video also covers:

"How to prepare for networking events & where to find them!"

As a LOVER of networking - I run FREE ONLINE Networking events in our TRIBE
& in person in Southern Tasmania on the first Friday of each month, Coffee & Connections for women.

Click here to stay up to date with upcoming events.

I look forward to hearing all about you & your business in the networking scene, either in person or online!

You've Got This!

Hello, My name is Sharon.

My love affair with business started at 19, when I joined Direct Sales.

20 Years On ....
I’m a HUGE business GEEK!

Image of Sharon Harvey waving to camera

My jam is... empowering women to rock their business & live more freely adding value & significance in all they do - without SACRIFICING everything, including missing those special moments with your loved ones!

I’m obsessed with business, marketing & the authentic approach to business on a budget.

I believe women are powerhouses of the online business market - with their feminine approach they are able to stay TRUE to themselves and still be real with all those they interact with.

I’m excited to welcome you to the Service, Significance & Success TRIBE!
Click here to join our free online community.

If you’re new to business, networking or social media - you don’t need to do it the hard way, or be alone in this process.

You also don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the support you need.

Trust me you don’t need to have it all figured out either - I’ve got your back!

I look forward to connecting with you!

Image of Sharon Harvey talking to camera

Service - Significance - Success - Connection - Creativity - Community

If you have any questions about your business strategy - ANY at all - come and get amongst the TRIBE, our VIBE is so on point - non JUDGEMENTAL community of epic humans click here!

If you’d like to ask a question or connect about anything you’ve seen on this website, you’d like to discuss your business - marketing or networking needs, then preferably drop me an email - please be as specific as possible.

“Generally” you’ll get a response within 2 days. If I don’t reply, contact me again - I pride myself on replying to EVERYONE!

I am ...

"On point to empower WOMEN to ROCK their business - to live more freely adding value & significance in all they do!

drawing of steaming coffee cup with heart in the centre

Connect with me here.....


Join Our FREE Success Tribe...

Get the Latest News from Sharon's Space!

Be assured you WILL NOT be spammed with emails everyday!

Image of Sharon Harvey waving both hands and smiling while speaking to camera

Just so we are on the same page...

FREE email coaching is not actually a thing I offer.

BUT... I love hearing from you - so like I've said ...Say "Hi" on email or on my YouTube Channel or, over on Facebook. Drop me a line, tell me about YOU!

If you're looking for coaching - you'll find more information in the "Work with Me" section of this website.

If you are looking for FREE Resources & Training & you have questions about your business strategy - ANY at all - come and get amongst the TRIBE, our VIBE is so on point - and is a NON-JUDGEMENTAL community of epic humans.

We have Masterclasses in the group on topics like working from home, networking, Facebook Parties & much more - PLUS FREE Downloads & we generally go live in the group WEEKLY with super valuable REAL content.

Click here to connect with me to book your complimentary chat to see if we are a match for each other, 15 minutes. Make sure you put “Connection Chat” in the Subject Line.

I love hearing from YOU - Don't be shy - say HI!

Great News

We've got your details! Don't be shy ... I'm looking forward to chatting with you somewhere soon!

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